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Rob Marshall 

Performing in signed bands for over 10 years, Rob Marshall has developed a reputation as an other worldly talent in music. Immersing the listener straight into the tripped out, mesmerising world he creates, Rob is perhaps best known as the guitarist and writer behind the band Exit Calm (AC30 / Cooking Vinyl), who released two critically acclaimed albums over a four year period.  Rob is in the midst of launching a new act 'Humanist', coming later in 2019 on Ignition Records. His distinctive writing and guitar work are also in high demand with the elite of performers - having recently collaborated with iconic frontman Mark Lanegan, writing the music and performing multi-instrumentation on six tracks for Mark's latest album 'Gargoyle' (April 29 2017 - Heavenly Records).

Rob has a truly diverse range, from blissed out swirls of 60s, meets shoegaze, immaculate stadium rock amidst post-rock and psychedelica - his cacophonous guitar and bass lines are perfectly set against pounding percussions and the never ending hooks in his productions.

Notorious for his epic live performances, playing music with heart, style and integrity, euphoria and hedonism, the talent of Rob Marshall’s haunting guitar work and fluid rhythm sections have weaved their way between the raw and compelling vocals of MarkLanegan (Queens Of The Stone Age), Joel Cadbury (UNKLE), Jim Jones (And The Revue/Thee Hypnotics), Carl Hancock Rux (David Holmes) to name just a few. 

Now signed for international publishing to Warp Records, 2019 will see Rob release his debut solo project ‘Humanist on Ignition Records in 2019/ 2020.


2018 Press


''A career high.''



“A bravura statement.” 


MOJO – ★★★★★

“A triumph.” 



“Thunderous gothic tunes.”



“Lanegan’s most accomplished album yet.” 


UNCUT 8/10

“Rob is an artist, and I love his song writing and attention to detail.” Lanegan on his darkly compelling new album with Marshall.



''…Marshall evokes the spirit the of Martin Hannett to join them at the console… menacing Krautrock air pervades, with Nocturne a wonderful fog of reverby guitars, propellant bass and Lanegan’s weathered vocals.” 



“Aided and abetted by his old mates Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood, and by a new songwriting partner, Rob Marshall, Lanegan is on fine form here.”



“…Lanegan, is working with British guitarist Rob Marshall on Gargoyle, who has co-written six of the ten songs here. They also happen to be the strongest.”


Album Releases

Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle 2017

Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle 2017

Exit Calm - Self Titled Debut

Exit Calm - Self Titled Debut

The Future Isn't What It Used To Be - Exit Calm

The Future Isn't What It Used To Be - Exit Calm

Lyca Sleep

Lyca Sleep


Beehive - Mark Lanegan Band  

Upcoming Shows - Mark Lanegan Band