The Moons  

Early days

In early 2006 solo artist Andy Crofts had built up a collection of demos, created a simple Myspace account (under band name 'The Moons') and uploaded a few songs to gain feedback. Within days Lois Wilson of Mojo magazine had praised Croft's song "Intermission Rag" a (Joe Meek esque instrumental) in Mojo magazine. Crofts decided to form The Moons soon after, inviting various musicians and friends to play.  The first recorded demo was The Lunar Sessions, with Danny Connors on drums. Crofts released the song "Don't Go Changin” on his own label, Colorama Records, on a limited white 7" vinyl. Live performances followed with the help of friends, but Crofts soon assembled a regular line-up with Ben Gordelier (drums), Adam Leeds (bass) and Chris Ketley (guitar). 

Life On Earth (2010)

The Moons recorded their debut album Life On Earth (released on Acid Jazz Records, March 2010) in  Paul Weller's studio. The album featured new versions of the Lunar Session tracks, and the official first single "Torn Between Two" - a slow psych groover with fuzz galore. Paul Weller, a new appreciator of Crofts work, played piano on the track "Wondering" , lead guitar on "Last Night On Earth" and the opening track, "Don't Go Changing", The Moons toured extensively, playing headline shows and supporting many acts including Ocean Colour Scene and The Rifles. Four tracks from Life On Earth were released as singles and the album made it into the top 30. The Moons played live Radio shows for the BBC with Janice Long and Mark Lamarr and played in-store shows at Oxford Street HMV and Carnaby Street Merc Clothing. A highlight of the year was their support slot for Ocean Colour Scene at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2010. The Moons spent the rest of the year demo-ing new song towards their second album with Edwyn Collins and Seb Lewsley at Westheath Yard studios, London.


While taking time out to record their second album with Edwyn Collins, The Moons returned to the live circuit in 2011 with new album material at The Gibson Lounge London, part of the MERC Live gig series in conjunction with Gibson Guitars and Clash Magazine.

The Moons were featured as part of the Channel 4 series ‘Chosen’ by The Stone Roses' Mani to pay tribute to The Smiths, where they performed cover versions of The Smiths songs along with Kid British, Little Barrie and Tom Clarke of The Enemy. The band performed "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" at Manchester's Band On The Wall venue on May 12, 2011. In October they supported   Beady Eye on their European Tour.


Chief songwriter Andy took The Moons into the studio to complete the mixing of the second album "Fables Of History" where he met new keyboard player Tom Van Heel who was working in the studio.

The album was mixed and produced over two weeks by known producer Jan 'Stan' Kybert who in the past had worked with Oasis, Massive Attack, The Rifles and Paul Weller's 2012 No1 album  Sonik Kicks. The album was mastered by Howie Weinberg in LA .

Crofts and band decided to part ways with Acid Jazz, seeking a new home, and signed a one-album deal with East London label Schnitzel Record.  The first single to come from the new album would be "Double Vision Love" and "English Summer" on limited 7". In May 2012, The Moons supported  Beady Eye on their only headline show of the year at Warrington Parr Hall, as warm up to The Stone Roses support. In May Jack Wills clothing company used The Moons song "English Summer" (taken from the Double Vision Love single B side) for their 2012 Summer Holiday fashion campaign. The song has already become the summer anthem for many fans of The Moons. The second album Fables of History was released on 24 September 2012 with a limited white vinyl and two collectors album covers.

The second single to come from the album was "Jennifer (Sits Alone)”. The single became part 2 of the collector’s vinyl accompanied with a music video in an old London library featuring Jennie Watson. The band went through another transition after James and Tom left The Moons to form the band Temples (Heavenly).  Crofts recruited friends Ben Curtis former bass player of The Sand Band from Liverpool and local guitarist Chris Watson to complete the new Moons line up with himself and Tom. The final single to come from the album late in 2012 was the song “Something Soon”. The track featured Paul Weller on vocals and completed the trilogy of collector’s singles. The striking music video also featured, the new line up, Paul Weller and became a hot favourite for Moons fans and the indie scene.

2013 - 2016

With an established fan base, heavily active on social networks and engaged with their fans, the Moons were poised to release their strongest material to date.  They returned to Paul Weller’s studio in August to write and record their latest album - Mindwaves - the album was a commercial leap forward for the band with a vibrant new take on their established retro sound, receiving early comparisons to Tame Impala, T-Rex, Bolan and Miles Kane.

2019 - With several members of the Moons now making up Paul Weller's live touring band, these are some of the hardest working musicians in the industry. With Record Store Day Release 'Fly' having been received so well by their avid fans, and another live studio album in the making - 2019 will be a busy time for this talented four piece.   Lead singer and chief writer, Andy Crofts, is also available for mixing and production work. 

Press & Quotes

“The Moons’ new album became the soundtrack to my final week in the Tour De France. It’s the best Moons album yet.” - Bradley Wiggins, Olympic Gold medal cyclist

"I think the group sounds terrific - great vocals and sound, lots of sixties atmosphere" - Rod Argent, The Zombies

“It’s a pleasure to hear a great new band who echo the finest traditions of songwriting and performance whilst keeping them alive and vibrant” – Ian Broudie, Lightning Seeds

"I really like the way The Moons mix Joe Meek with great Bowie-esque chord changes and choruses then add a psych energy to make out there sounds that you’re still humming two days later.” Nick Power, The Coral

"Great songs and playing. Well thought out arrangements and above all, a lot of love has gone into this record" - Paul Weller

"Emotional, funny, quirky, warm, sad, reflective, thoughtful and unique songs. Love the guitars and the vocal sincerity” – Dave Davies, The Kinks

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Example Releases

The Moons - Fables Of History - Album

The Moons - Fables Of History - Album

Heart And Soul - Single

Heart And Soul - Single

The Moons - Mindwaves - Album

The Moons - Mindwaves - Album

The Moons - Live At Bush Hall - Album

The Moons - Live At Bush Hall - Album


Upcoming Shows 

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